„Studia o Książce i Informacji” („Studies about the Book and Information”) is a polish scientific journal containing articles devoted to the theory and practice of bibliology. In recent years, the subject of the articles has been broadened to include papers concerning the aesthetics of the book and the issue of modern media forms, contemporary publishing market in Poland and in the world. Our authors are not only bibliology researchers but also graphic designers, art historians and other researchers whose interest is located in the book issues.

In addition to the original scientific papers, reviews of Polish and foreign publications are published, as well as reports of interesting conferences, foreign trips or events (book fairs, exhibitions, etc.).

Abstracts of articles published in „Studia o Książce i Informacji” are in the Scientific Journals Online available.  „SoKiI” is also indexed and abstracted in The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities and POL-index. Through the MLA Directory of Periodicals agreement, the magazines are also sent to Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA, ProQuest).

Basic version of the magazine: printed.

Frequency: Annual

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego (Wrocław University Press)

ISSN: 2300-7729

[By 2011, the journal appeared under the title „Bibliotekoznawstwo („Library Science”) – ISSN 0524-4477]


Issues list: